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Discover everything you need to know about Roll on Jade and the history behind our tools.

To create a new narrative for beauty inspired by ancestral tools and rituals.

Looking back to
come forward

In today’s world, beauty is commonly seen as a singular surface quality, yet long before our time this wasn’t the case. Many ancient traditions of beauty would treat the mind, body and soul collectively. It is this approach that we believe achieves the best results, which is why we look to the past as we create new beauty stories for the future.

Our appreciation
& inspiration

Passionate about lithotherapy and natural medicine for many years, Melody attended  the school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paris to uncover the secrets and traditions behind ancient beauty techniques. During her time here, she fell in love with these ancient Asian beauty practices, and the benefits they have on the face and body. All this combined with the power and energetic values of the stones, an essential part of these ancestral beauty tools.

Beauty retold

Founded in 2018, Roll on Jade is a French brand that specializes in innovative, energized beauty. We combine recognized Asian beauty techniques with the energy of crystals. It is above all a family story, since ROJ was born from a fusional mother-daughter relationship. Since our creation, we have intended to bring the most effective beauty and well-being rituals to the greatest number of people, doing so through high quality, natural and efficient ancestral products and techniques.

A final word

“We offer the best products that allow you to take care of your skin naturally and easily from home. It was imperative to us that these products are affordable, and always deliver on quality. Every one of our tools is handmade, and respectful of tradition and stone. This means no chemical treatment, dubious materials, imitation jade…ever. We realize that the present world is constantly running after time; our goal is not to stop it, but simply to put it to good use for everyone. Roll on Jade provides the tools to form an effective well-being ritual in a few minutes a day, to become aware of your inner-and-outer self, and how to take care of it. With consistency, the results are there.”

- Melody + Regine, Co-Founders

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